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Car Builds + Race Preparation

Car Builds + Race Preparation

All great race weekends start with a fast, reliable car. Our cars are beautifully built to go the distance.

Amongst the most famous sayings in motorsport is "to finish first, first one must finish". Having the most reliable car may therefore be more important than having the fastest, but if one can be quick and reliable, the chance of success increases exponentially.

Totting up the total time and money lost in DNFs after any race weekend highlights the true cost of failure. We work to the philosophy that a broken car is a lost opportunity to enjoy and improve one's racing ability, and so prepare and present our cars to the highest standards. This improves speed, reliability, driver confidence and rewards.

If a car looks fast while it's sitting on the grid, it will likely be quick in the race, as the driver will feel the flawless preparation and drive to the limit. A car that feels as if it may break at any moment will be slow and unrewarding to drive. We prepare all of our cars to unlock their full potential and we only go racing with cars that can be pushed to the maximum.

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