Historic Racing at Pursuit Racing


Overview of Pursuit Racing

Based in a brand new facility on the outskirts of Bicester, Pursuit blends mechanical expertise, business acumen, youthful exuberance and a passion for racing, challenging each team member to deliver optimum personal performance for the benefit of the team.

We provide our technicians with the best working environment in the industry to emphasise the level they must strive to deliver. We support our drivers with a beautiful clubhouse to socialise in, and an incredible racing simulator that allows them to practice on almost 200 circuits in a wide range of historic race cars, to refine their performance in the virtual space, before delivering it into reality.

Founded in 2020, Pursuit was born of a desire to take historic racing to its ultimate expression: not only preparing historic race cars to the highest standards, but also turning focus on supporting our drivers and developing their enthusiasm into comfortable ability, so that every race becomes an opportunity for improvement.

As Dr. Johnson observed over 300 years ago: "what we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence", so we use high-end simulators and experienced driver coaches to help our drivers to study their craft and unlock their full potential.

Assembling a team of skilled experts from a wide but complimentary range of disciplines, the founders set high expectations centred on continuous improvement. We aim to be progressive, inclusive and dynamic, so that every step we take as a team will increase our effectiveness. While on-track performance to date demonstrates the effectiveness of our philosophy, the drive to improve is never complete.

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