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Izzie Fitzgerald completes 10-week photography project on Pursuit for Oxford Brookes

Izzie Fitzgerald completes 10-week photography project on Pursuit for Oxford Brookes

Pursuit connected with Oxford Brookes University student, Izzie Fitzgerald, @shotbyiz on Instagram, in February 2023 after Izzie approached us about photographing our clubhouse for one of her first-year projects.

May 17, 2023

19-year-old Izzie is from Sussex, where her family still lives, and comes from a motorsport and automotive-loving background. Izzie became interested in photography when she was little and her passion has only grown, leading her to pursue a degree in BA Photography with Oxford Brookes University. While the course itself isn’t specific to the motorsport industry, Izzie’s personal passion grew more during the pandemic when she found herself at home with her dad chatting about cars, so has focussed much of her Uni work on the industry.

Izzie loves nothing more than being trackside and immersed in car culture. With very few women in the motorsport industry as a whole, and even fewer working as photographers at circuits, Izzie found herself wanting to break from the norms and combine her two passions through her studies. As a proactive and driven character, Izzie has found herself visiting many workshops and circuits to build up her portfolio and has even begun her professional career outside university too.

After an initial chat with the team, Izzie came to Pursuit’s Clubhouse around 10 times over the course of an 8-week period to shoot the Pursuit team at work and capture the progress being made on our restoration projects and with race preparations for the 2023 season. With the final image count totalling somewhere in the thousands, Izzie then had to pick 15 images for her final submission (check them out below), and ultimately whittle the selection down to the golden 5 images for an exhibition at Oxford Brookes.

Included with her final images, Izzie described her time at Pursuit: “The images demonstrate the working environment at Pursuit, from showing the humour and closeness within the team to the seriously high-tech equipment needed for them to succeed. The overall garage space is a hive of activity, from details of car parts and bodywork to working on historic cars such as the Courage C65. All these elements are displayed throughout images allowing people to get a real taste of what goes on behind the garage doors of Pursuit.”

It was awesome to have Izzie as an honorary part of Pursuit’s team for the past few months and we wish her all the best with completing her course! This won’t be the last we’re seeing of Izzie shooting for Pursuit, so watch this space, and go check out @shotbyiz on Instagram!

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