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Pursuit’s latest LMP adventure: Courage C65 #09 project for Ollie & Sam Hancock

Pursuit’s latest LMP adventure: Courage C65 #09 project for Ollie & Sam Hancock

This year Pursuit had the immense pleasure of working on yet another Courage C65.

June 19, 2023

Sam and Ollie Hancock got in touch with us about taking on a project to update their Courage C65 Chassis 09, the very car that Sam raced in-period almost 20 years ago!

Alongside Jean-Marc Gounon and Alexander Frei, Sam raced this car at Le Mans in 2004 and in the European-based Le Mans Endurance Series:

“After Jean-Marc blew away the competition with a blistering pole-position lap in qualifying we sadly didn’t finish the ‘24 Hours, but we did go on claim three class wins and the LMES championship title later in the year. This is a bitter-sweet moment where I have to offer a car I’ve been so excited to reconnect with since racing it nearly two decades ago.”

This car boasts an impressive history from the mid-2000s: US-based Miracle Motorsport claimed multiple wins in the American Le Mans series with this chassis, including LMP2 victory at the Sebring 12 Hours, before returning to Le Mans to record a class podium on the car’s third visit in 2006.

The Pursuit team returned Chassis 09 to its original Courage Compétition works-team livery and completed a detailed health check on all aspects of the car including, crack testing, damper servicing, carbon repairs, recoating of components and more, all to ensure it’s ready to compete with the best in a range of competitive series. The C65 is eligible to be part of Peter Auto’s Endurance Racing Legends, Masters Endurance Legends, Sebring and Daytona Classics and the Gulf Historic meeting in Dubai in December to name a few. This car is now available, so visit Sam’s Hancock’s website to find out more.

It was awesome to work on another Courage C65 and we look forward to seeing what this car can do on-track in the coming seasons!

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