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Aston Martin V8 Vantage X2 - back and better than ever

Aston Martin V8 Vantage X2 - back and better than ever

Chassis X2 was last driven in Gulf livery at the Le Mans Test in 2012, bridging the change from GT2-to-GTE as a unique hybrid between two eras of Aston Martin Racing evolution.

March 20, 2024

This one-of-a-kind GT racer hit our workshop in August 2023, ready to undergo an enormous transformation starting the next month and continuing into the racing off-season. The car that arrived with us was essentially a rolling chassis. This meant there was a whole lot for the Pursuit team to do to bring this car back to life, starting with sourcing an engine from Prodrive.

This project combined recommissioning, extensive sourcing and reverse-engineering parts to get X2 back out onto the track including, gearbox rebuild, sourcing of torque tube and adapter plate, radiator repairs, as well as making from scratch and reinstalling the fuel fillers. Alongside this, a brand-new fuel tank and internals were sourced, plus a new seat with bespoke embroidery, dashboard, air jacks, fire extinguishers, and so much more.

The livery was also replicated from the period-correct Gulf livery. As the car was created during the GT2-GTE crossover period it comes with full sets of both GT2 and GTE bodywork. After all the major updates, and all the smaller ones in between, finally the car was fired up in the workshop and then taken to Turweston to be shaken down on the airfield. It’s now ready to get back out where it belongs on track.

This incomparable project was yet another chance for our team to showcase their skills and experience, with this now being the third V8 Vantage with Le Mans history we’ve had the pleasure of fully recommissioning. A special thanks to ROFGO for helping to source several vital parts, as well as all the other suppliers we work with.

Talk to us about your next project: whether it’s a nut and bolt recommission, some modernising updates or a rework to enhance the car for a specific terrain or purpose, we’ve got you covered.

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