Historic Racing at Pursuit Racing



Our state-of-the-art driver simulator is a priceless training tool that gives Pursuit members an unbeatable edge.

In simpler disciplines, logging 10,000 hours to achieve Gladwellian 'expert' status would simply be a matter of time, but clocking up 10,000 hours in historic racing across Europe would be a much more expensive endeavour! Modern technology offers an effective solution: the virtual space allows drivers to practice endless laps around Spa, Le Mans or the Nürburgring in a wide range of historic cars in absolute safety and with no travel time or hotel bills to cover.

Having tried many simulators in our pre-Pursuit careers, the simulator we chose for Pursuit is the Vesaro V-Spec. Made in Britain, this exceptional system has a full 4-actuator motion system, surround sound and panoramic 4K screens for a truly immersive virtual driving experience. Our software offers a choice of almost 200 tracks worldwide with a wide selection of modern and historic race cars, all adjustable for chassis dynamics.

Simulator access is free for our members and also available to hire for non-members- learn more about membership via our PDF:


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